Tales from the Hard Drive

Tales from the Hard Drive
Jeff Brenner, Esq., NJLPI and Steve Hilary, CCE, EnCE, ACE recently entertained the Camden County Bar Association with four case studies.

  1. John Dillinger – Bank Theft in the Digital Age
  2. The Time Traveler’s Document
  3. The Sexting Supervisor
  4. What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Computers–The Volume Shadow Copy Knows!

The cases educated the audience (i) how to digitally trace stolen files via thumb drives from one company to another, (ii) how to tell if an electronic document was forged or backdated using metadata analysis, (iii) how to find deleted/missing text messages on a smartphone, and (iv) some unusual locations where data can hide on the Cloud, a computer’s operating system, and on backups.