Education and Professional Credentials

It is important to know that the person you are working with is honest and maintains the credentials he/she claims to have.  If the person is willing to lie or about his/her education or professional credentials, what else is he/she willing to lie about?

Verifications of degrees earned, educational attendance records, and professional licenses/credentials are conducted via databases and direct contact with school administrators and professional, state, or federal licensing departments.

Case Examples:

During the course of a background check, we sought to confirm the candidate had graduated, with honors, from a prestigious East Coast school.  Upon contacting the Registrar’s office, we determined the subject had only attended the institution for one year, never to return.  The candidate later tried to claim he didn’t affirmatively say he graduated, rather, he thought he stated he only attended.  He couldn’t explain why he wrote “with honors” on the application.

The subject listed Rocheville University as his Alma Mater where he obtained a Bachelors and a Masters degree.  From prior experience, we knew Rocheville University was alleged to be a diploma mill and immediately advised the client.  Based on this alone, the client rescinded the job offer, and avoided the costs of a full-blown background check.