UCC Liens

UCC Liens indicate additional debt/borrowings incurred by an individual.  Some liens are simply related to owning a condominium, while others relate to larger purchases or credit facilities for which the person is personally liable.  We search the states in which the individual has lived for such liens and analyze the results to determine if they may be an indicator of other debts, business commitments, or even legal liabilities secured by other assets.

Case Examples:

We conducted a UCC lien search on an investment advisor and uncovered a lien in favor of his ex-wife.  As part of their divorce, the ex-wife was awarded a lien on the advisor’s business and that upon death, his 50% ownership would be transferred to her.  The client, fearing that in the event of his untimely death, all of their money would be managed by the ex-wife, chose not to retain the advisor.

We conducted a UCC lien search on several of our client’s competitors to learn the identity of their funding source.  This enabled our client to better understand the competition’s ability to out-bid them on public contracts.