Criminal Record Searches


And anyone who tells you differently is not being honest with you!

Criminal record searches are divided into county-wide, state-wide, and federal searches.  Through the use of personal particular verifications, we determine where an individual has lived or could have lived throughout his/her adult lifetime and use that information to determine what states and counties should be examined when conducting criminal record searches.  In addition, we run county and state-wide searches in the counties and/or states a person has worked and/or attended school, and in areas where they have admitted to or are suspected of having been arrested.  The result is a courthouse-based search consisting of all the criminal offenses which can be reported under the law as stated in the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Guidelines and state and local laws.  Federal criminal record searches are a separate and equally necessary search.

Should a record surface, inquiries are made of the respective courts to obtain all available documentation relating to the crime and such information is reported to you in compliance with the FCRA Guidelines.

To further assist with the screening process, sex offender searches and Patriot Act searches are also available to ensure the candidate is not only not a registered sex offender, but that he/she is also not on the terrorist watch list.

Finally we offer driving record searches and drug screenings to help ensure the candidate is not a driving risk or worse.  Many times DWI/DUI’s are only recorded on driving records.  Running such searches is another avenue used to protect your business and its reputation.  Also, if a person is driving or operating heavy machinery, your insurance company may require these individuals pass drug screening tests and have clear driving histories.