Sample Reports

screening report 1 I had to pay just a small fine – This potential employee of an online retailer felt he could assuage HR by admitting he had a minor criminal record.  Turns out, he was quite well known by the government.
Screening Report 2 Trust me – Our client, a vendor to the medical profession, sought to hire a crackerjack salesperson to boost revenues.  The silver-tongued prospect got as far as being hired, subject to the completion of our background check, which did not go so well for him.  We found one judgment already on the books for fraudulent billing practices, and another one on the way.
Screening Report 3 I forgot to mention I’ll be away for a few years – A pharmaceutical company was pleased to hire someone with the exact comptroller skills they needed, the employee coming from one of its competitors.  As part of its post-hiring HR protocol, we were asked to run a check on the employee “just for the file.”  Wouldn’t you know it, the reason the employee was available was because she had been indicted for fraud and was starting trial in federal court in a few weeks.
Screening Report 4 Give me one more chance, please – Despite acknowledging a checkered past, the candidate requested he be given a second chance.   Upon completing the background check, it appeared that some leopards just can’t change their spots no matter how much they try.  An eleven year history of crime was just too much for the employer.

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