Employment Screening

Why does it always seem that the most trusted employee is the one stealing the most from the company?

Occupational fraud can happen at any time and by the people you least expect.  According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2012 Report to the Nation, 5% of a company’s revenue loss is attributed to occupational fraud each year.  Worldwide that equates to $3.5 trillion dollars.  Worse yet, according to the ACFE 81% of these frauds could have been prevented by implementing simple internal risk management controls including such tools as employment screening.

Maragell helps businesses vet their prospective employees.  Our staff of licensed investigators and legal professionals are equipped with the skills and resources to uncover red flags in a person’s background and to “read the tea leaves” to help your business make the best hiring decisions it can.  Our research is conducted in compliance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, and through the use of our customizable consent forms, we can help you develop state- and project-specific screening programs to fit your needs and your budget.

Implementing an employment screening program for your company, or enhancing an existing one, is a simple and cost effective means to protect your business against fraud.  From comprehensive criminal record searches, to litigation and bankruptcy searches, to verifying past employment and education, we have the tools, experience, and passion to help you achieve your company’s risk management goals.

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