Digital Forensic Services

Computer forensics is the science of collecting, preserving and analyzing electronic devices for evidence to be used in a legal forum.  It includes the review and analysis of a computer’s operating system, its registry hive, the USB devices inserted into it, and Internet history of the user just as much as it is the analysis of the active and deleted files stored on it.  Cell phones, thumb drives, digital video recorders, and POS systems, among the many other electronic devices that are often part of the litigation landscape, and all of which can be preserved using forensic techniques.

Forensics is distinguished from IT services by the fact that the collection and preservation of the data is conducted in a manner that does not change the internal and external metadata of the files and freezes in time the status of the devices’ system data.  Such techniques are often predicated on software programs that operate on the physical level of the hard drives where the search for evidence exists in binary code as opposed to the logical level that is associated with a computer’s operating system upon which most IT professions rely.

As both litigation professionals and forensic specialists, Maragell’s staff bridges the gap between the legal and technical universes.  We are as much at home in the courtroom as in the lab, and that comfort level becomes evident in the manner in which we approach the digital evidence itself, and in our affidavits and expert reports.

Maragell provides a variety of digital forensic services.  They include imaging desktop and laptop computers, network servers and backup drives, cell phones, USB devices, iPads, eReaders, and CD/DVDs.  We also provide computer-based investigative services relating to web-based email collection, email tracing and website development in cases where competitors are believed to have pilfered intellectual property or an employee has built a competing firm in violation of a restrictive covenant.

Our staff has the training, technical knowledge, and legal skills needed to produce evidence in accordance with state and federal rules of civil procedure and evidence.  In doing so, we use the most current forensic tools and are constantly assessing the latest software offerings to ensure that the data is being fully accessed, analyzed and deciphered, while protecting its integrity for admissibility in court if needed.  We use proprietary chain of custody and acquisitions forms for each device received/acquired and each piece of evidence is logged into our firm’s computer forensics database to ensure proper tracking.

Maragell offers computer forensic services in the following areas:

Electronic Discovery and Litigation Support

Data Production

Data Recovery

Internet Investigations