Electronic Discovery And Litigation Support

electronic discovery and litigation supportMaragell assists law firms with electronic data collection and recovery services.  We help assess where data is stored in a client’s organization, and provide advice with drafting electronic discovery requests and subpoenas to ensure all evidence is produced as well as ensuring that opposing counsel is properly complying with the request.

We use a variety of software programs to conduct our forensic activities including Guidance Software (Encase), AccessData (FTK), Macforensicslab, Aid4Mail, Paraben’s Device Seizure, Intella, Network E-mail Examiner, and Metadata Assistant.  We also utilize a variety of write blockers to preview and image drives and can handle a number of acquisitions simultaneously both in the field and in the lab.

Relevant data can be produced from the forensic images in many ways and varies depending on the type of data at issue and the cost. We can provide, among other things:

  • Electronic copies of active data for upload to document management programs such as Concordance, Ringtail, and Summation
  • Data sets for predictive coding software products
  • Excel spreadsheets with metadata about each file (created, last accessed, file path/user/size)
  • Word documents containing keyword search hits from the unallocated spaces on the hard drive
  • Excel spreadsheets indicating USB usage and file access comparisons (for determining copying/deletion activity)
  • Excel spreadsheets of deleted files and folders