Skip Trace And Asset Searches

Maragell uses a series of tools and methodologies to locate individuals and their assets.  To accomplish this task, we use a combination of public record research and other specialized investigative techniques.

The ability to locate a subject or his or her assets depends on several factors. They include:

  • length of time elapsed
  • data currently possessed
  • laws relating to privacy; and
  • geographic area (domestic or international).

Most locates and asset searches can be conducted successfully (and economically) if approached in two stages.

The first stage, which utilizes Maragell’s proprietary database research methodologies, will result in either (i) the location of the subject and/or asset identification or (ii) the establishment of an idea of the probability and costs involved to locate the subject and/or his assets.

Depending upon the value of the suit or the amount of the debt (and the likelihood of collection), a second stage investigation, which employs additional investigative tools and the use of confidential sources and connections, may be warranted to either locate the subject or to uncover assets which are not identifiable through database research.