Maragell Helps Fights Senior Fraud

November 1, 2012

Earlier this month, Jeff Brenner, Esq., NJLPI, provided tips to the residents at Lionsgate, Voorhees, NJ on how to protect themselves from becoming a victim of fraud.  Recommendations included: limiting the amount of personal information provided to healthcare providers and asking how such data will be stored, signing up for credit monitoring services, shredding documents with personally identifiable information, conversing with a trusted friend before donating money to “worthy” cause, and always logging into your bank’s or credit card company’s home page on the web rather than clicking through an email link requesting personal information.  During the event, the audience eagerly shared its stories of how difficult it was at times to get a live person on the telephone in order to confirm their credit report, and the volume of phone calls from charitable organizations seeking donations.   The event was sponsored by the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.