For the love of the game

IMG_0984When fans of the Golden State Warriors downloaded the team’s new app to their android phones, they got more than they bargained for.  While they were now able to keep up with the latest team news, their private conversations were at risk of being heard.  That’s because the technology in the app interacts with the stadium’s Signal360 beacons which are used to send fans ads and promotions based on where they are in the stands.  Those beacon signals are received by the phone’s microphone, even when the app is not in active use, and, as a result, the user’s conversations can be constantly and continuously recorded and analyzed.  While the app requests permission to access the microphone, according to a new invasion of privacy lawsuit filed against the team by users of the app, the details about how the team will be using this permission are vague and ambiguous.   Security Tip:  before installing any program, read the terms of use/service clauses carefully, and ask yourself do I really need this.