Expanding the Walls of your Castle? Protect your Data and Remote Employee Devices


St Andrews Castle, once a stronghold of the Catholic Church, fell into the hands of locals when they tricked the residents by posing as masons sent by Rome to fix the walls. Don’t let yours suffer the same fate.


Your Expanded Office

As you transition your business to remote and home office locations you increase the number of openings and pathways into your castle.

To help counter the risks these extended office walls create (and the devices contained inside) Maragell, in conjunction with our sister firm Black Cipher Security, is offering an easy-to-install cybersecurity protection solution for as low as $250 per device per year.

The tool monitors the device in real time (24/7) for malicious activity and acts to stop attack vectors such as ransomware, identify unusual user activity, and stop and quarantine malicious processes, all with the oversight of our Security Operations Center. For more information, please complete the contact form displayed on this page.