Corporate Investigations Firm Maragell, LLC Finds Its Work is an Economic Indicator


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Increased Hiring Has Led to Increased Background Check Work for Local Firm

Haddonfield, NJ – July 15, 2012 – There is fresh evidence that the nation’s slow, steady climb out of the Great Recession is picking up steam, and it comes from a source for whom evidence is paramount: corporate investigations firm Maragell, LLC. “We’ve seen our venture capital clients light up the board with new investments, deep-dive due diligence investigations for manager-level jobs have increased in the corporate marketplace, and even our hedge fund clients, which have been rather dormant for the past three years, have begun investments with new managers,” said the Haddonfield, New Jersey firm’s managing principal, Jeffrey S. Brenner, Esq., NJLPI.

Maragell recently marked six months in business after forming late in 2012, spinning off from the US operations of Intelysis. Its clients include lawyers, accountants, hedge funds, venture capitalists, insurance claim specialists, and both small businesses and Fortune 100 companies. The core legal and IT professional staff previously worked together under Mr. Brenner’s leadership at Intelysis. Maragell is based in New Jersey, but covers the world through strategic relationships with skilled investigators on several continents.

Mr. Brenner, who worked as a trial and business transactions lawyer before transitioning into his investigative career, sees the investigative industry as a bell-weather of the economy. “There are many reliable indicators about new hiring, but one that is sometimes overlooked is background check activity. My colleagues and I have observed over our decade in the industry that we could predict the health of the economy by the number of new investigations firms like Maragell were conducting on behalf VCs, hedge funds, and family offices,” he said.

Deteriorating economic conditions were apparent in the investigative industry’s ebbs and flows several years ago, as well. “As soon as Bernie Madoff confessed in 2008, we saw an immediate drop off in business from our Wall Street clients, followed closely by our C-suite clients,” said Brenner. “Today, we are hearing from clients from coast to coast asking for investigative background checks on start-up tech companies, real estate investments, international money managers, and a variety of C-level executives who will be heading expansions of several of our clients’ business divisions.”

Maragell also has seen an increase in the use of its computer/digital forensics services by its legal clients. According to Brenner, who is a frequent lecturer on the topic, the legal community in Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey has been rapidly increasing its use of forensic investigations in employment law and business divorce matters. “The power of knowing what an employee or business partner has done with his or her computer for an extended period is an enormous advantage in court,” said Brenner.